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Our Mission 


Our Team's mission is to continuously provide Quality, Comfort, and Stylish apparels.  We welcome feedback to improve as a Team and also a Brand.  We strive to win the style of many with each apparel design to suit everyone's personality. 

Our Story

Freestyle Art started with a thought of the struggle to find something to wear that was unique, something that fitted my personality, something that would make me stand out from the crowd.  In 2014 that very thought came into reality when a team was gathered.  As we thought of ideas on how we can separate ourselves from the competition, the love of music seemed to be something we all had in common.  Freestyle Art is a music related clothing Brand so every month you can definitely look forward to our new ART TAPES with new Styles, Originality and definitely Our Bahamian Flavor to the mix.  My name is Keshia born and raised in Freeport, Grand Bahama and my goal is to have a Freestyle Art apparel in every closet Locally and Internationally.  




Keshia Culmer 


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